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Mecatronic ASR 900 Flat Prestige Automatic Satellite System

Quick Overview

This satellite dish is 90cm in diameter meaning it is very high performance. The dish also comes with a graduated wheel which allows skew adjustment without using any tools. We also offer the PLUS model of this product which comes fully equipped with a 15 satellite LCD control panel.

Fitting Service

Fitting for this product starts at £200 and will vary depending on vehicle type and travel. If you would like to inquire about having a product fitted by ourselves please Click Here and fill out the details. Once we have received your details a member of staff will contact you to discuss a quote for fitting.

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All ASR 900 Mecatronic systems also come with direct antenna control via a Bluetooth app available on both android and ios. If your antenna stops tracking there is no need to go to your dealer or service centre the app will automatically update your system without the need for computers or cables.

Other uses for the app include:

  • Turn the antenna on or off
  • Search for available satellites
  • Check the battery level
  • Check signal power and quality
  • Fine tuning of the antenna signal using a digital joystick


Why Choose Mecatronic?

SR Mecatronics can be placed at the top of the satellite market as they use a range of the most advanced software and hardware technologies available. Every customer can be satisfied with the wide range of products featuring varying antennas and user interface options.

Unique Fit and forget Warranty:

Mecatronic offer a 3-year warranty. Confidence in their product is so high that should you experience any difficulty with the system a technician will be sent to you, anywhere in the UK.

In short, we believe there are 10 Key Reasons why you should choose SR Mecatronic:

  1. Reliability- A returns percentage of lower than 1%
  2. Warranty- One of a kind 3-year warranty
  3. Easy to use and install
  4. Extremely durable
  5. Automatic tracking-  Faster and easier satellite searching and storage
  6. Widespread customer support abroad- on the continent and particularly in Italy
  7. Automatic updates via the app*
  8. Kinetic Bearings- within the satellite itself
  9. Built-In Antenna Alarm System
  10. Built-in GPS*

*on compatible models

Materials of the highest quality:

Materials used in Mecatronic satellites are of the highest quality with antennas and dishes boasting powerful, silent, efficient and reliable qualities. The satellite bodies are constructed of extremely robust aluminium that is mechanically machined and powder coated in order to guarantee a lifetime of durability and stability. Mecatronic’s electric circuits are signal filtering and are renowned for being very well protected against water as they are lacquered. Stability during the windiest of weather is also guaranteed because the worm gears are made of tempered steel alongside precise couplings that allow extended use without maintenance. Micro-switches used within the products are of an extremely high quality, protected to an IP 68 level with gold-level contacts, meaning reliable long-term operation.

However, that is not all. Mecatronic products can also be highly commended for their major strength in electronics- always having used the DVB-S2 MPV Full HD tuner. This provides superior performance in providing transmission speed and the signal sensitivity required for finding satellites and locking on. These interior electronics can be deemed state of the art as they warn the user regarding errors and protect against over-voltage and polarity inversion. But most importantly of all are resistant to the most extreme of weather conditions whether it be blistering heat, torrential rain or high-speed winds.

The ASR 900 comes with the following control panel option... 

15 Position

The Dish footprint is 65cm allowing Hotbird, Astra 1, Astra2 EU beam, Astra2 UK spot beam and Astra3 to be received in the UK and Europe.


  • Length: 1050 mm
  • Width: 830 mm
  • Height; 190 mm (collapsed)
  • Weight: 15.8 kg

Technical Specifications:

  • Has an Offset antenna of 85/90 cm
  • Fully automatic search system via NID (DVB-S2 standard EN300 468)
  • Power Supply : 12V (-20%/+30%)
  • Power consumption during the search: max. 4A
  • Power consumption in standby: less than 5mA
  • Fuse of 5A
  • Allows use of Intelsat 907 throughout Spain to view UK channels