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Aftermarket Immobilisers are an ideal way to protect your investment and offer peace of mind at an affordable price. Ideal for the older vehicle where transponder keys are not an option.

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  1. Cat two immobliser

    Cobra 8510 Cat 2 Immobiliser

    Insurance approved Thatcham Category 2 electronic touch key immobiliser. Simple to use with auto rearming. Touch the electronic key to the dash mounted receptacle and start your vehicle. when leaving your vehicle turn the ignition switch off the immobiliser will arm with in 30 second. Learn More
  2. Sterling Touch Immobiliser

    Sterling Touch Immobiliser

    Category 2 insurance approved immobiliser system with two 18amp continuous isolation circuits. Supplied with two touch keys and flashing status light. Auto re-arm after 60 second of ignition off.

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  3. Sterling Excel Immobiliser Cat 2

    Sterling Excel

    Cat 2 Transponder Immobiliser Using transponder technology a loop is fitted around the ignition barrel of you vehicle. When the ignition key is inserted into the barrel, the loop will read a code from a keyring fitted to the vehicle keys allowing the vehicle to start. This loop can be hidden else where preventing the vehicle starting should the vehicle key be stolen.

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  4. Anti Hi-Jack Device

    Anti Hi-Jack Device

    Anti Hijack or "get your own back device" as we like to call them. With immobilisers getting better on modern vehicles, key theft is one of the easiest ways to steal your vehicle. The worst instance of this is hi jack, where a thief will enter your vehicle, either when parked or slow moving and force you out leaving the keys and / or the engine running. Helpless you have no choice other than to watch your car, motorhome or van disappear into the distance.

    OR DO YOU???

    Fitting Service

    Fitting for this product starts at £120 and will vary depending on vehicle type and travel. If you would like to enquire about having a product fitted by ourselves please Click Here and fill out the details. Once we have received your details a member of staff will contact you to discuss a quote for fitting.

    Fitting Enquiry


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  • Autowhatch Ghost

    Autowatch Ghost

    Do you believe in ghosts?

    What if we could fit a device to your car, van or motorhome that can't be seen but will stop it from being started even if you left the keys in the ignition?

    No LEDs, No fobs, No touch keys

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