Visited one of our customers today that has a few on going battery issues. This customer came to see us originally having just bought his vehicle. The previous owner had just replaced both leisure batteries after one exploded. With this being such a major event our customer though it best to have it checked out. After testing the output from the EBL99 Elektroblock we were able to confirm that the unit was indeed at fault and was not regulating its charge, causing the batteries to over charge. As the customer needed the vehicle ASAP and was working to a budget, we were able to bypass the EDL99 charging unit and fit our own three stage 20amp battery chargers. The visit today was regarding the engine battery going flat. Our customer had covered his motorhome over ready for winter, but had noticed the Fiat Bustner engine battery had gone flat over the space of about a week. His first course of action was to call a well known breakdown service, who promptly turned up and informed him his battery needed replacing. Having replaced his battery they left him to it. Another week or so passed and our customer was experiencing exactly the same problem. So first thing first, a battery drain test was performed and confirmed that the vehicle was drawing double what it should. Next we investigated which circuit the current the draw was on. In this case a red cable that traced unfused straight from the battery to the stereo. The stereo was removed revealing the sauce of the problem, a tracker had been installed utilizing the power supply to the stereo. This unit had been installed a number of years ago, no longer in use and had gone faulty. After removing this unit, fitting a fuse in the supply to the stereo and performing a retest on the battery drain. we can conclude drain resolved. Also to help the customers battery last we installed a Sterling Battery maintainer, this enables a small charge to filter into the engine battery when the leisure batteries are being charged.