Automatic satellites are designed to make life that little bit easier when camping away. With a simple one-touch operation the satellite dish will automatically elevate and find the selected broadcasting satellite. Normally this will take around 30 seconds to a minute. Once the automatic satellite stops adjusting, it’s time to enjoy your favourite TV programs.

When choosing a satellite for your motorhome or caravan the size of your dish is an important consideration. As a general rule of thumb, the larger the automatic satellite dish the greater range the satellite will have.

Astra 2 E/F are broadcasting satellites that broadcast mainstream UK TV channels. They are situated at 28 degrees south and are often referred to as Astra 28. Their main focus is around the UK, but with the right size satellite dish fitted to your motorhome or caravan, the range can be extended beyond the Spanish borders.

Dome satellites, have a relatively small range and will receive all FTA channels including BBC’S, ITV’S and Channel 4 and 5 throughout the UK and northern France. As you travel south you will start to lose channels that are broadcast on the smaller footprint, first to go will be BBC channels, but sky channels have a slightly larger range and can be received mid to southern France.

Large 85cm dishes such at the Oyster 85 or Maxview Seeker will receive all channels right down to the Spanish border, again as you travel beyond this point channels will start to drop off first to go will be the BBC’s etc.

Most automatic satellites sold by Automate can adjust to more than one broadcasting satellite. If you travel out of range of Astra28 all is not lost, you may want to lock on to Astra 19 or Hotbird these satellites are mainly French, German and Spanish channels but do have a few UK channels such as CNN, BBC World News also many radio stations.