ABSO DC – DC Charger


ABSO battery to battery charger with built-in MPPT solar regulator, capable of taking up to 500w solar array.



Abso battery to battery, the ideal split charge solution for euro 6 vehicles

DC – DC chargers act more like a mains battery charger but from a battery source. They follow a charge profile suitable for your second battery bank. This Four stage single output battery-to-battery charging unit can be set to get the best from your batteries. Select from numerous types of batteries charge profiles, lead acid, gel, AGM, and Lithium – Ion. 

This unit benefits from some nice features

  • Built with a large MPPT solar panel regulator capable of taking upto 500w. 
  • LCD display. The scrolling display will run through both input sources (supply battery and solar array) and the output giving all relevant information. (this display can be extended with a separate display panel and ribbon cable). 
  • Optional trigger wire to connect to the engine run signal or ignition. 

Available in 3 different models

  • 12 -12 volt 30amp
  • 12 – 12 volt 50amp
  • 24 – 12 volt 30amp

As with most of our products, Automate doesn’t just sell these units but we fit them as well.  The Abso charging units work very well and do exactly what they say on the tin.


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