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Satellites and Media

Customers often inquire about the best way of receiving a TV signal in their motorhome or caravan. Receiving TV can be achieved in a number of ways but there are three main questions to consider before you make a purchase.

Caravan Satellite

  1. How important is it I have TV coverage all the time?
  2. Will I need to receive English channels abroad?
  3. What is my budget?

When touring around the UK the digital TV signal will cover most populated areas and can be received through a digital aerial. Some aerials are better than others and directional aerial though requiring an amount of set up will outperform a multi-directional aerial.

In a lot of cases having an aerial fitted to your motorhome or caravan is by far the cheapest option for receiving a TV signal. However, the signal is very much reliant on transmitting masts. If you are camped up in a black spot with no coverage or abroad with no UK broadcastings an aerial is not going to work. This is where motorhome and caravan satellites offer the best solution.

Automate UK aerials

Using a motorhome satellite is the only real way to guarantee to get a crystal clear television picture every time. It differs from the digital TV signal received through an aerial because it does not rely on a broadcast from the main mast.

Instead, the signal is bounced off a broadcasting satellite in space. Using a satellite dish, providing you have a clear view in the direction of the broadcasting satellite (normally south), you will receive a crystal clear picture across the UK and most of Europe, providing you are situated within the operating range of your satellite system.

Bespoke Range of Caravan Satellites

Whether you are looking for a motorhome satellite or a caravan satellite we can help, as we offer only the latest products that guarantee top performance at affordable prices.

Below is a selection of caravan satellites and media products. We stock many well-known brands, ranging in price depending on the size and features you require. If you are unsure on which product is best for your caravan or motorhome then give our experts a call, we are on hand to offer our advice and guide you towards the best product for you.

What are Manual Satelites

The manual satellite range is a relatively low budget range of satellite. By connecting the dish to a satellite receiver and adjusting the rotation and elevation, it is possible to achieve a crystal clear picture. There are two types of manual satellite listed on the Automate website, Roof mounted and Free standing. There are advantages for both. The main advantages for Roof Mounted satellites are:- No trailing cables that could be a trip hazard.

Erecting and collapsing the dish is very often as simple as winding a handle to an indicated position. Better markings and easier to set up and adjust. The satellite is secure and unlikely to be touched. Height advantage because the dish is situated on the roof it is less lightly to be obstructed by surrounding vehicles walls and alike. Less Susceptible to weather. Does not take up any internal space when not in use. With a free standing Satellite:- There are no or low fitting costs. Satellite can be placed remotely away from your vehicle and clear from any obstructions. Easily transferred between vehicles. Does not increase vehicle height.

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What are Auto Satelites

Auto-Mate offers a number of different automatic Satellite systems. All of which we have had firsthand experience in fitting. So we only recommend the systems we believe are the most effective and suitable for leisure market. Over the years different satellites have been developed to suit different requirements. These include:-

  • A conventional style system which consists of a large motorised dish and a protruding LNB arm. Examples of this type of system are the Oyster Vision 85cm, Crystop Autosat 2s and the Kathrein Cap 900. These dishes normally benefit from a large footprint (reception area) that covers all of the UK, France, Germany and most of Spain.
  • Flat or Planer type Satellites such as the Oyster Vision Caro, Kathrein Cap 600 and the Crystop Autosat Light FO tend to have a smaller footprint that mainly covers the UK, France and Germany. These systems are more compact, and as the name suggests, have a small flat motorised dish with no LNB arm. This makes the systems less susceptible to wind and have a smaller turning circle. Some of these systems when parked have a height as low as 11cm and a weight of 13kg. Ideal for smaller motorhomes or Caravans with less roof space and boats, where height is an issue.
  • Cassegrain satellites are strange looking systems that have been developed to be a good alternative to the conventional style systems, giving almost the same footprint. However, have the compact design with no LNB arm like the flat satellites, making them more weather proof. Examples of these systems are the Crystop LIGHT R and the Oyster Vision Cosmo.
  • Dome satellites such as the Camos dome 40cm and the Maxview Dome have taken the leisure industry by storm over the last couple of years. These weatherproof dishes are cheap in comparison to other systems on the market, lightweight and quite aerodynamic. For any Further advice on these systems don't hesitate to call our technical guys on the normal number 08456 529 501 or 0115 888 0281.

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What are Dome Satelites

The Dome satellite offers a unique design that encapsulates all the moving components of an automatic satellite dish inside a plastic dome. The outer dome offers protection from the elements; because the dish does not have to withstand constant buffeting from the wind the internal components can be much lighter. Some of the dishes weigh as little as 9kg.*To the left is a Camos Dome with the top removed. You can see the system search and lock on to the required signal in no time at all.*

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