Ensuring Long Battery Life with Efficient Maintenance

Ensuring Long Battery Life with Efficient Maintenance

One of the most common reasons for an RAC call out is a flat battery. There can be varied causes but more often than not the problem is either electrical or the battery itself has become unserviceable. A crucial component of all motor vehicles,your battery needs to be properly maintained to ensure optimal and long-term performance.

A great advantage of modern vehicles is that they are equipped with sophisticated computers that control and monitor their systems. The disadvantage of these is that they can put a small yet constant drain on the battery, whether the vehicle is in motion or not.

As specification can vary it is also vital that your vehicle is fitted with the right battery. Larger vehicles such as motorhomes and caravans require leisure batteries as they are designed to operate differently. As they are discharged slowly, without being simultaneously charged it is essential to be aware of the correct balance of charge and demand and ensure full system maintenance to extend the life of the battery.

We provide a comprehensive and reliable service that ensures you avoid flat batteries, inconvenient breakdowns and irreparable damage. Our selection of devices are designed to protect, correctly charge and manage your battery to an optimum level. We offer a high quality diagnostic service and proficient advice to assist you with any problems and to help you further improve your existing battery management system.

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