Keep your caravan/motorhome batteries topped up with a fully regulated solar panel charging system. The system will silently and efficiently charge your batteries until full, at which point the regulator will drop the charge rate to maintain the batteries.

Specialist solar panels for your caravan or motorhome

Everybody knows that solar panels produce power by absorbing the UV rays from the sun. But have you thought of the freedom and money saving that a solar panel could give you when fitted to your motorhome? A solar panel will charge your motorhome batteries from sun up to sun down allowing the freedom to camp away from electric hook up.

At Auto-Mate (UK) Ltd we provide a wide range of motorhome solar panels and caravan solar panels, we can also provide our professional fitting service on a day and time to suit you. Our panels come in solid glass and semi-flexi, as well as complete kits all at affordable prices. Our solar panel specialists can help give you top advice and recommend the ideal solar panel that is perfect for your caravan or motorhome.