Parking Aids from Automate

Parking Aids from Automate

One of the most common experiences for all caravan, camper van and motorhome owners is the difficulty they face when manoeuvring, reversing or parking. As well as being longer than most other vehicles on the road, drivers are usually less familiar driving these around than they are driving their car or other everyday vehicle.

Fortunately, there are a variety of effective parking aids on the market to help you out. Properly installed and used, Parking Aids (including sensors, cameras and other equipment) can help you to achieve a range of goals, including:

  • Protecting your vehicle from bumps, scrapes and bruises
  • Avoiding expensive repairs
  • Helping to reduce your insurance premiums
  • Reducing the likelihood that you will have an accident

Here at Automate we stock a wide range of effective parking aids to help you navigate through even the tightest spots with confidence. We also provide expert advice for motorhome and caravan owners about the best possible products to suit their needs.

Parking Sensors from Automate

Ultrasonic Parking Sensors detect objects and provide sufficient warning via audio aid. As an optional extra you can purchase sensors with visual warnings via an adjoining screen to be placed in the drivers seat. Used in conjunction with mirrors, Sensors can help avoid the kind of bumps and scrapes that can quickly run up a large repair bill.

Parking Sensors are often a standard feature with modern makes and models of motorhome, although you can still buy models separately and then install them on your vehicle afterwards. At Automate we can recommend an appropriate system either whilst you are in the process of buying your motorhome or as a separate product.

Parking Cameras from Automate

Parking Cameras are available in one of two systems: wired cameras or wireless cameras. Either way these usually feature a monitor and adjoining camera.

Automate stocks a number of reversing cameras suitable for all makes and models of motorhome, caravan or camper van. Simply pick the monitor style and size you prefer and we can recommend a suitable camera with all the essential features you need.

As well as supplying Parking Aids and related equipment Automate can help with positioning and installation to ensure that every angle is covered and you don’t miss a thing. Please enquire within for more details by calling 0115 888 0281 or emailing us at

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