Helping motorists stay safe with hands free kits

Helping motorists stay safe with hands free kits

Recent RAC figures reveal a worrying rise in the number of motorists admitting to using mobile phones whilst operating their vehicles. Additionally, drivers are also accessing social media sites along with sending and receiving texts, emails and taking photographs whilst behind the wheel. Safety on the road is of course, paramount and we understand that people need to remain connected these days. The great news is that staying in touch whilst on the road is possible, practical and most importantly, safe. Hands free kits enable you to receive calls whilst keeping your eyes on the road and have both hands available to drive safely and efficiently.

Other figures have revealed that texting has overtaken driving under the influence of alcohol as the main cause of road accidents involving adolescent drivers. Social media and digital communication have become a huge part of our lives and conversation via text is now utilised above all other forms of communication including voice calls so it is unsurprising that sending texts whilst operating a vehicle has become such a cause for concern.

We offer a selection of products that are designed to make the lives of motorists easier and our hands free kits deliver superb ease and efficiency. These high quality products offer several fantastic features such as Bluetooth connectivity for one or more devices, automatic syncing of phone book contacts, multi speaker voice recognition, supreme audio quality and much more. We also offer a cost-efficient fitting service and we are happy to provide you with full assistance, ensuring you choose the right hands free kit for your vehicle and enjoy safe communication and driving without distraction.

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