Motorhome Security

Protect Your Investment.

Vehicle theft has changed over the years. As vehicles develop, so has vehicle theft…

We can all picture the scene in the movies, where some guy smashes a window climbs into the car, twists a few wires together and off he goes. Not with modern cars, vans, motorhomes, almost every modern vehicle on the road today has some sort of factory-fitted immobiliser built into the engine management system. So thieves had to change their approach… Methods such as key theft, key coding, key cloning, hi-jacking became the go-to methods.

But all is not lost, as thieves advance, so do we…

By adding aftermarket devices, it becomes more difficult for a thief to overcome the security of your vehicle. The more aftermarket systems added to a vehicle the more the thief has to deal with, which becomes increasingly difficult, especially if they don’t know it’s there.

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