An inverter is an electronic device that connects to a 12 or 24 volt DC battery supply and can step up the outlet voltage to offer 240 volts AC supply.

Automate offer two different types of inverter Quasi or modified sine and Pure Sine.

Pure Sine Inverters replicate a true AC waveform of smooth peaks and troughs. Much like what you would get in a household mains supply. These are less susceptible to interference and most, if not all, devices once plugged in will operate as they should.

Quasi or Modified Sine

These inverters are a cheaper option but give more of a square waveform. This waveform can cause interference and therefore is not suitable for all applications, it can cause some more complex electronics to behave strangely.

Modified sine inverters still have their place and are fine to run certain items with simple electronics such as hair dryers, heaters, older microwaves without electronic timers, even old skyboxes, although slight interference may appear on the picture.

What size inverter do I need?

 It’s always worth checking the 240v rating of the electrical appliance to run, from the inverter. Most electrical items will have a sticker identifying the power rating, often found on the underside of the appliance.

Above is an example sticker found on a slow cooker. From this, you can tell the voltage and wattage the cooker operates.

It is important to point out when comparing the price of inverters that the power rating of a Sterling Power inverter is the continues rating and not the peak power. This means that the inverter will run an appliance at its rating but will handle a peak/startup current of much higher.

E.g 600W continues = a Peak of around 1200W