Kisae Pure Sinewave Inverter


12 volt to 240v with the flick of a switch. Kisae pure sinewave inverters for all your home from home comforts.


Optional remote switch to turn the inverter on and off. Ideal add on if the inverter is fitted under a bench seat.


The Kisae pure sine wave inverter is a high-quality new-generation Pure sine wave inverter that’s ideal for fitment to most vans, campervans, or motorhomes.  The power rating stated is a continuous power rating and will supply the stated power for long periods of time. All the inverters benefit from a higher peak or startup current.
A pure sine wave inverter offers a 240v output the same as the power you would get from a household supply. In a nutshell,  as long as the power rating is within the capability of the inverter (and you have the battery capacity to run it) then the device should operate as it does at home. Run them all from laptop chargers, Electric bike chargers, and phone chargers to more power-hungry devices, things like microwaves and hairdryers.
Automate even has one fitted in our van. Its use daily to charge all manner of laptops and battery tools and also runs a soldering station when needed.
Both the 1000w and 2000w inverter can be fitted with an optional remote switch that can be mounted in an accessible place to allow the inverted to be turned on without needing to access the inverter itself.
A fitting service is available, please make an enquiry on the tab above, or drop us a line on the 01522716954

Features include:

  • Premium True Sine Wave output with a Total Harmonic Distortion (THD) of less than 3%
  • LED monitoring display for battery status, load measurement, shutdown error information
  • High startup surge capability
  • Continuously rated at up to 25°C to ensure continuous operation even at full power.
  • No fan assisted cooling at low power and thermostatic fan cooling at high power
  • Safety tested and Regulatory Approved to cETLus governing standards for North America (UL & CSA)
  • Safety tested and Regulatory Approved to CE governing standards for Europe
  • Built-in protection against overload, overheat, short-circuit, low battery shut-off & high battery voltage.
  • Part of KISAE’s preferred True sine wave inverter line.


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