Charge your leisure batteries while travelling. These split charging systems are designed to distribute charge from source to battery bank.

Most split charging systems are simply a means of transferring charge from one battery to another. This can be as simple as a relay connection triggered when the engine is running. Modern systems electronically monitor the battery voltage and will connect once a charge voltage is reached and disconnect when the voltage drops.

More advanced split charging systems can be used for all sorts of different applications and can replicate charging patterns similar to a mains battery chargers. Intelligent systems change the charge mode to boost, condition and maintain the battery. Charging batteries in such a way can enhance performance and prolong life.

Intelligent split charging systems are also used on vehicles like horse boxes. Very often a 24-volt chassis cab is used to power a 12-volt living area these units will drop the charge to a suitable voltage to charge and maintain the 12-volt batteries.

Some of these charging systems incorporate a solar input, they will regulate charge and distribute as required.