Make Your Battery Power Last Longer!!

Our customers often ask the best way to conserve battery power on their motorhome or caravan, when camping without mains power. One of the most cost-effective ways is by upgrading their halogen lighting to LED.

As technology has moved on LED bulbs have become brighter and more usable. In many cases, you will find the LED bulbs are an equivalent or brighter than your original halogen lamp.

Did you know that by replacing

1 X 10w G4 halogen bulb


1 X 6 LED G4 equivalent bulb

you will make a power saving of 8.5w and have a brighter light.

Do the maths 8.5w ÷ 12v = 0.70 amps an hour saved for each bulb.

Our Range of high quality LED bulbs are manufactured in the UK and are voltage regulated.

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