Is an alarm the way to go?

Over the years, Automate has offered all different makes of alarm systems from Sigma, Toad, Autowatch, Laserline, Cobra, and Vodafone the list goes on. The point is most of our customers are just looking for a hassle-free alarm system, that offers optimum protection and meets insurance standards.

That’s where we come in!!!

We’ve honed these products down to a few, that we feel are best suited to secure your motorhome, then added our own developments to give better protection, hassle-free service, and peace of mind.

Why Automate? Why our alarm?

So you’re looking to fit our alarm system to an Autotrail, Bailey, Swift, Chasson whatever brand motorhome, most are based on Peugeot Boxer or Fiat Ducato’s, all but a few. Over the years we have become so familiar with these base models not only have we installed thousands of our insurance approved alarm and tracker systems but enhanced the install to a point where it’s hard to beat.

It’s all about the install!!!

We believe that is not a five-minute job fitting an alarm system to a motorhome (in fact an install takes most of the day). We take time to run cables inside (not under the motorhome) without them looking unsightly, position all main components discreetly to make them difficult to be tampered with, make proper connections and loom our cables, get the job done right.

When the alarm is fitted to your motorhome we’ll give you a proper handover, demonstrating how the alarm works, pointing out all the features and explaining how to identify and avoid any potential problems in the future.

Auto-mate currently fit alarms for a number of motorhome dealers in and around our area. You may have had a system fitted by us already and not even know. We would now like to offer the opportunity to come directly to us.

If you have a specific requirement for your alarm system, feel free to drop us an email at You’ll be surprised what we have done for people in the past.