Auto-mate Silver Motorhome Alarm


 Protection for motorhomes and campers. Professionally fitted insurance approved, easy to use alarm system. Operated from your original remote key but with added driver cards for key theft protection.



Our silver alarm package has all the security features of our entry-level bronze alarm but includes “automatic driver recognition cards”.

Driver cards are a frontline against key theft and key cloning.

Driver cards work similarly to the immobiliser chip in your key. As long as it’s there (and turned on) the system will detect it. You don’t have to touch or swipe the driver card as the name would suggest, just keep it in your wallet, purse, or something you would normally have about your person when coming and going from your motorhome.

The ADR card can be configured in different ways but our preferred set up for motorhomes operates like this:-

When disarming the alarm system from either vehicle or alarm remote, the system will disarm the alarm to allow entry to the vehicle, but leave the immobiliser still armed. Once the ignition is turned on, the alarm will then look for the driver card, upon receiving the signal from the driver card the immobiliser will then be dis-engaged and allow the vehicle to start.

If the driver card is not detected even if a thief has the keys, your motorhome will remain immobilised.

Driver cards can be turned off so if you’re staying in your motorhome it’s worth storing them in the switched off state.

As I’m reading back over this I can almost hear people saying “but what if the card doesn’t work” or “what if I lose it”. Don’t worry there is a pin code that can override the card which is inputted via a button on the dash. (All of which we can show you when we demo your new alarm)

An alarm system should be easy to use, fitted to a standard that you would expect to see from the factory, and offer hassle-free protection.

Easy to use…

  • Our Vodafone alarm system will integrate with your vehicle’s existing central locking remote, lock the doors, alarm comes on, unlock the doors, alarm goes off.
  • If your spare key has no remote the driver card has a button that will operate the central locking, and also, arm and, disarm the alarm.
  • Sleep easy with the night function. Alarm the external doors and lockers, but still be able to move around inside.
  • Silent arming and disarming (No waking up the campsite every time you lock or unlock the doors).

Fitted to factory standards…

  • Where possible we run our cables internally, taking our time to hide and keep them as discreet as possible.
  • All the main components are strategically placed, keeping them hidden but functional.
  • Any connections made are soldered or crimped in an appropriate way (definitely not just plugged into the diagnostic socket).
  • All harnesses are taped using identical tape to the original vehicle loom.
  • Switches to the rear doors and lockers are hard-wired (No batteries, No false triggers, No signal problems).

Hassle-free protection…

  • One simple press of the original key fob arms all the doors, lockers (covered by the alarm), and turns on the internal movement sensors.  Once armed the alarm system also covers the ignition, will sound if the battery is disconnected, and engages an immobiliser controlled by the detection of a  driver card.
  • Upgrades your vehicle security from insurance approved CAT 2 to CAT 1.
  • Electronic Arm/Disarm via pin code (Should you ever have key failure problems).


Fitting an alarm system can be quite a long job, if your thinking about having a system fitted feel free to give us a call 01522716954, or click the link and fill out your inquiry details. Thinking of coming to us? Here’s some detail on the surrounding area on our fitting service page.


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