Upgrade your standard propane gas system with Gaslow refillable gas cylinders.

Gaslow is more convenientcost-effective and safe.

  1. Did you know that by using LPG instead of replenishing your standard gas bottle, you can make a saving of over 50% every time you fill?
  2. Put your mind at rest with 10 years warranty on the New R67 bottles and 15 years warranty on all standard Gaslow bottles. All stainless steel hoses are warranted for up to 20 years, ensuring reliability fill after fill.
  3. No more wondering if you have enough gas to last your time away and no more carting gas bottles around in order to exchange. LPG is widely available at most petrol stations throughout the UK and abroad. Top up you Gaslow system whether empty or not, it’s a bit like filling your car with fuel. Simply clip the filling hose to the filler port stand back and hold the fill button. Once full the bottles will close the filling port and the pump will stop.
  4. Gaslow bottles incorporate essential safety features, in particular, the new R67 bottles which have shut off valves on the filling pipes and on the outlet pipe meaning you’re protected right from the gas source. You can even leave these bottles open while travelling. In the unlikely event of a gas pipe splitting the bottle will instantly close the outlet port.

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