android apple appTracking systems are a definite strong contender when it comes to choosing security for your motorhome, van, car, or even plant. Vehicle tracking technology has developed over the years. Tracking units are smaller, communication is better and the locating signals have become more accurate than ever. More than just doing what trackers do, tracking companies have realized the faster they can respond to a potential theft the more chance they have of stopping or even catching the thieves and preventing damage.

Features such as.

  • Driver I.D or driver cards. As soon as the vehicle is started the tracker will look for the I.D device if it’s not found in a short space of time an alert will be sent to the control center.
  • Vehicle immobilization. In the unpleasant event of your vehicle being stolen, the tracking company can send a trigger to either stop the vehicle or stop the vehicle from restarting once it’s stopped.
  • Alarm trigger. Integrated with compatible alarm system should the alarm sound it will alert the control center.
  • Geo-fencing. Is an online feature that enables you to circle a location. If the vehicle crosses the line an email is automatically generated to let you know it’s crossed the line
  • Battery backup. If the battery of a vehicle is disconnected the tracking system will start to run on its own battery and alert the control center that the power supply has been compromised.

At Automate we believe it’s not just a case of having a quality tracking product, but having a quality covert install as well. After all, there’s no point in having a premium tracking device if it can be found and removed in seconds.