Smartrack 5 With D-iDT (Insurance CAT S5) Tracking Systems

Smartrack 5 With D-iDT (Insurance CAT S5)

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No phone, no problem, carry a bluetooth I.D card in your wallet, purse, creditcard holder where ever, keep it with your bank cards.

Smartrack 5 D-iDT uses a Bluetooth credit card to identify the vehicle driver 

Price includes installation



Driver id is one of the fastest ways to raise an alert if your vehicle is stolen.

With modern advances in vehicle security and immobilizer chips in keys, the easiest way to pinch a vehicle is with the key. Pinch it, clone it, copy the signal. Whatever the method you need to protect your vehicle from key theft. With the Smartrack D-iDT, a driver is required to carry a Bluetooth card so the tracking unit can detect its presence and authorize the driver. If the tracking unit can’t detect the card within a set amount of time it will send an alert to the control center and they can act.

Smatrack 5 D-iDT is designed to eliminate the issue of “What do I do with the driver tag”? Most CAT S5 trackers have a Driver tag, these are normally keyring sized and some even come with a convenient hook to put them on your vehicle keys. Driver i.d cards/tags should be kept separate from your vehicle keys, that way should a thief steal your keys, they don’t get your tag. The D-iDT cards fit nicely with your other bank cards. Purse, wallet, or where ever you keep them simply turn the card on slip it in, and forget about it until it requires a recharge.

So once the Smartrack 5 system is installed and setup, you can benefit from all the features you would expect from a quality catagory S5 insurance approved tracking system.

  • 24 hour 365 days a year monitoring, by a dedicated control room.
  • Free mobile APP to view your vehicle location, battery voltage.
  • Battery disconnect warning and low-level alerts.
  • Can be transferred from vehicle to vehicle. (terms apply for airtime)
  • Unauthorized movement alerts,
  • 3-year unit warranty
  • Quality install by ” Automate (UK) LTD” certificated for your insurer.
  • Can be upgraded to include geo-fencing, journey reports and business/ private mileage.



Smartrack S5 DID features.

  • Waterproof device rating IP67
  • Driver identification through mobile APP
  • Thatcham category S5 certificated TSC032
  • IP67 Waterproof Device
  • Driver Id System through mobile APP
  • Secure Full Fleet Online Account to View Present and Historical Locations Of Your Vehicle
  • Free Global Telemetrics App To View Current Vehicle Location
  • Monitored 24 hours a day 365 days a year
  • Battery disconnect and low battery alerts
  • Movement Alerts (If the vehicle is moved without the D-iD™ active and within the vehicle)
  • Optional Immobilisation Feature (Extra charges apply) – activated upon Police request only
  • Optional Alarm Sounding Alert (Please speak with the installer before installation)
  • Fully Transferable* (Terms and Conditions apply)
  • Direct Debit Option Available For Subscriptions (Minimum 12 month contract)
  • 3 Year Warranty (extendable to 12 years*)

Air time subscription is not paid until installation is complete and is made direct to Smartrack. Once the tracking unit is registered with the SmarTrack control center, they will contact you either by phone or email to take payment for subscriptions and take you through any setup required with your phone.

You can choose which payment option suits you.

Including UK and European subscription

Pay monthly  £13.49

To pay yearly £159

To pay 2 years upfront £269

To pay 3 years upfront £369

One off payment upfront £599



Note: Smartracks subscription term for the “one-off” payment option is for the duration of ownership of the vehicle. The tracker can be swapped from vehicle to vehicle, but air time can only transfer once and must be within a twelve-month period of the initial installation.



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