Sterling Battery Maintainer


Cheesed off with your motorhome having a dead engine battery?

We have the solution.

This product is ideal for vehicles with solar panels, battery chargers, or any other power source that only charges the leisure batteries. 


Sick of pulling your motorhome out of storage and finding it won’t start?

This retro device is a great way to ensure that whenever your leisure battery is charged it trickles the surplus into the engine battery.

How it works…

The device is fitted between the leisure battery bank and the vehicle battery bank.

It monitors the charge state of the leisure battery bank, once the leisure battery is charged enough and reaches its trigger voltage around (13.3V). The unit will allow excess power to flow into the engine battery. Regardless of how the charge is being received whether via solar, mains charger or any other charge source the unit will silently and automatically trickle a small charge into the engine battery.

So what’s to stop me flattening both engine and leisure batteries accidentally?

The unit has built-in protection

  • Only allowing current to flow one way i.e into the engine battery not out.
  • Just as the device monitors the leisure battery voltage to activate the flow of current it also does the same for discharge current, so if the leisure battery voltage drops the unit will disconnect and the two battery banks will act independently of each other.

The battery maintainer doesn’t have any relays embedded and as a result, has an impressively low standby current of around 0.001A and an activation current consumption of just 1mA


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