CBE 3 Stage Switch Mode Battery Charger


CBE mains battery charger factory fitted to a large number of European Motorhomes and caravans.



The CB500-3 range of mains battery chargers (not to be confused with the older model) are a three-stage CBE 240 to 12-volt battery charger. Available in two output sizes 16 and 22 Amp and can be used to replace a faulty charger or upgrade old to new but keep original looks.
Fitted by a number of European motorhome manufacturers makes such as Chasson, Rapido, Hobby, Euro Mobile.
Charge profiles are suitable for lead-acid, lead-gel, and AGM.
Built in protection against overheating, short circuits, and polarity inversion.
Designed to replace the CB516, CB520 and CB522 models.
The high frequency switching technology gives excellent performance with limited weight and dimensions.


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