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MIPV Flexible Solar Panel Treble Lane Width (990mm) Flexible Solar Panel Kits
MIPV Flexible Solar Panel Treble Lane Width (990mm) Flexible Solar Panel Kits
Flexible solar install
Victron Smart Solar MPPT charge controller
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MIPV Flexible Solar Panel Treble Lane Width (990mm)


Go big or go home

Treble lane peel and stick flexible CIGS solar panel ranging from 60 Watts – 340Watts

Kit includes solar panel, 5m solar cables and waterproof roof gland.


Do your Require a charge regulator?

Get the best from your solar panel by fitting a quality charge controller, Automate offer a range of MPPT Victron Energy charge regulators with built-in bluetooth so you can monitor what your panels are doing.


MIPV solar has a different approach to solar energy. 

People are fitting more solar panels than ever before, to maximise on the energy generated by the sun. It’s not unusual to see motorhomes or caravans with a number of solar panels dotted around on the roof, which is fine but gives rise to unnecessary weight, cabling and connections. 

MIPV manufactures their panels in the UK and builds them to order, so in a scenario where you can’t find a solar panel that fits, or traditional panels don’t come in the sizes needed to maximise the space, MIPV panels come into their own.

MIPV offers three different widths of solar modules which are basically the size of one solar cell, two and three in a row. The length can then be extended a cell at a time for you to fill the available area.

Click the link below to see available solar sizes

Flexible Solar panel Dimensions And Outputs Sizes MIPV

Most solar panels on the market today are made from either monocrystalline or polycrystalline, silicon solar cells. MIPV use CIGS (Copper Indium Gallium and Selenide) cells these are completely flexible so your panel can quite happily be mounted on a curved roof or hull, where you wouldn’t be able to mount a traditional glass solar panel. The panel itself is fitted with an adhesive backing. You simply prepare the area, remove the backing paper and stick it down.

When it comes to solar everybody talks about wattage and what they’re normally referring to is the peak performance of a solar panel i.e. what it’s capable of charging at under ideal conditions. But what about when conditions aren’t ideal? Another advantage to the CIGS solar cells they produce a greater charge in much lower light so, on a dull day, an MIPV solar panel will outperform a crystalline silicon cell panel.

Believe it or not, solar cells suffer from heat, most are tested for their peak performance at around 25°c. Crystalline panels have a temperature coefficient of between -0.26 and -0.50. This means for every degree over 25°c you could lose up to 0.5% off the efficiency of the panel, compared to the CIGS panels, which tend to be -0.20 to -0.25.

Installation service

Like all the products sold by Auto-mate (UK) LTD, we don’t just supply them we also offer a fitting service. Should you want this product fitting by us, click the “enquire about this product tab” or drop us a line. We’re always happy to help.

  • MiPV Superflex Solar Panel
  • Lightweight PV Panel – Less than 3kg/M2
  • Best In Class Truly Flexible CIGS Solar – Unlike traditional crystalline
  • Panel Size 990mm x 592mm – 2609mm
  • No racking required, peel and stick backing applied
  • Excellent low light performance
  • Certified to IEC61646 & 61734
  • 5-year manufacturers warranty & 10 Year power output warranty

Click the link below for solar technical spec

Treble Lane Module Characteristic By Automate

Warning! some of the larger  solar panels can generate voltage over 100 volt


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