Orion-Tr Smart 12-12-30 (top)
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Orion-Tr Smart DC-DC Charger Non Isolated


Victron Orion-Tr Smart DC-DC Charger

12-volt battery to battery charging unit with a built-in Bluetooth interface.

Connect with your phone, laptop or tablet to view data and setup menus.


Welcome to the Victron smart range. Victron have introduced a whole range of “smart” bluetooth devices from solar regulators, to battery chargers, inverters and power managment systems. This compact 30 AMP DC-DC charger with a built-in Bluetooth can be configured in two different ways.

  1. As a battery charger, the Victron Orion-Tr Smart DC-DC Charger is a three-stage charging device that enables battery banks of different types and sizes to be charged from one battery bank to another, while the vehicle engine is running. Ideal for vehicles with euro 6 smart charge technology.
  2. As a power supply giving out a configurable stable output voltage from 12 – 15 volts

These chargers are not just a split charge relay, they run through a charge cycle (like a mains charger) with three different algorithms, as they condition and charge the battery properly.

As well as charging, they also offer some protection to the vehicle, ensuring the vehicle battery is not put under too much load and the alternator is not overworked.

If you feel a 30 Amp charge is not enough these DC-DC extra units can be wired in parallel to add to the output.


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    New vehicles on the road today fall into the euro 6 category this means most will be fitted with smart ECU (Engine Control Unit) controlled alternators to increase fuel efficiency and reduce emissions. As the name would suggest smart alternators use a variable output voltage this can fluctuate as needed and may even deliver no charge when it is not required. The Orion Tr Smart converter has an engine running detection mechanism. This protects the starter battery from discharging when the alternator does not supply power.