Maxview Target


Based on the “Maxview Seeker” satellite system, the “Target” is a bare-bones equivalent, with all its functionality but fewer comfort features. So no “wireless display” but virtually the same roof unit that operates with a simple one-touch operation.

Fitting for this product starts at around £200 and will vary depending on vehicle type and travel. If you would like to enquire about having a product fitted by ourselves please fill out an enquiry form below. Once we have received your details a member of staff will contact you to discuss a quote for fitting.



Satellite TV or radio while on the move. 

The Target is one of two fully automatic elevating satellite dishes made by Maxview. Designed and manufactured in the UK, this dish offers some innovative design features at a relatively low cost.

So let’s have a look at the Roof mounted unit

Maxview have based all their roof-mounted satellites on the same design and the Target satellite system is no exception. The design offers a unique compact, low profile design with a parked height of just 17cm. The outer moulding that covers the working components is made from one piece, minimising the chance of water ingress. When the automatic satellite is searching, the whole unit rotates from the base up. The elevation angle is adjusted from two pivot bolts at the base of the arm, controlled by an internal gearbox mounted within the unit (something that Maxview are quite proud of ). This provides increased positional accuracy and reliability.

Like most automatic satellite systems the Maxview Target has a fail-safe function. If the vehicle is started with the dish in the raised position a signal is sent to the control panel and the dish will retract back to its park position.


In order to keep the cost down, Maxview offers the ‘Target’ with various options.

Choose between two different dish sizes; the 65cm satellite dish is ideal for smaller vehicles where roof space is a little tight or where reception range is not the top priority. The larger, more popular, size of 85cm will give range comparable with any other automatic dish of the same size.

You can also choose between a single or double LNB (Low Noise Block). A single LNB is used on a system where you only want to receive one signal; for example, if you only have one TV or a satellite box with no record function. A twin LNB is mainly used for receivers with watch and record functions, or if you want to use the system on two separate TV’s. Making the right choice at this stage is quite important, although LNBs can be swapped quite easily- extra wiring is run through the dish assembly to accommodate for the extra input.

Now the control box


The control box is a hideaway box that’s normally mounted in a cupboard using the two brackets supplied in the kit.  Displayed on the front of the controller is the on/off switch; a fuse and a number of LED lights. These LEDs indicate different search modes, and which one of the five pre-programmed satellites the dish is searching for. Software on the Target system can be updated using Maxview’s dedicated website and a USB pen. Simply download the software to the USB pen and plug into the front of the control box.


  • System Single LNB and Twin LNB variants available (For PVR’s, SKY+ or 2 receivers)
  • Enhanced gearbox design for increased positional accuracy and reliability
  • Mounting brackets included fixing Control Box conveniently inside a cupboard
  • Easy-adjust manual skew system
  • Designed and tested for outdoor use
  • High quality, durable and robust construction
  • Designed and manufactured in the UK
  • 3-year guarantee


  • Application: Mobile touring vehicles such as motorhomes and caravans
  • Compatibility: Transmissions from satellites worldwide (UK/European satellites as standard) Compatible with all SD/HD free to air receivers including most SKY receivers
  • Pre Programmed Satellites: Astra 1, Astra 2, Astra 3, Hotbird and Thor (additional satellite packs available to download)
  • Operation: Automatic
  • Mount Type: Roof mount
  • Skew Adjustment: Manual -30° to +30°
  • Installation: Professional install 
  • Installation Cable Length: 5m
  • Power Input: 12V / 5A
  • Standby Power Consumption: 0.35A
  • Search Power Consumption: Up to 3A
  • Elevation Range: 10 to 50° (EU Variant)
  • Azimuth Range: 380°
  • Weight: 65cm variants: 12 kg, 85cm variants: 13 kg


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