Status 330 Omnidirectional Camping Antenna


The status omnidirectional antenna has been used for an number of years. As its name suggests it it picks up signal from all directions in a kind of doughnut shape. This means that set up is very easy, the antenna itself can not be adjusted but comes with an two power setting on the amplifier. Simply switch on the amplifier and set your TV to tune.



The status 330 can be fitted in a number of different ways most opt for the permanent fitting where the TV antenna is fitted directly to your motorhome or caravan roof. Performance of a TV antenna can be greatly affected if it is not mounted level. To overcome this issue status offer adapters for roofs that are slopping up to 22 degrees.

Options for mounting this TV Antenna on a mast or with a suction pad are also available.

The 330 status Antenna can be ordered with two different cable lengths 5m and 10m.

*Please note that the amplifier included in this kit is only suitable UHF TV reception only.*


  • Diameter – Antenna Dome 315mm
  • Diameter – Mounting Foot 185mm
  • Height – 280mm

Inside Amplifier unit 115 x 46 x 28mm

Additional information

Cable Length Option

5m Coax, 10m Coax


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