Oyster Vision III 65 / 85cm With Auto Skew


The Oyster Vision 3 is the new addition to the Oyster family. It operates in the same way as the standard Oyster Vision but comes with auto skew. Auto skew ensures the satellite is getting the best possible signal. An extra motor is fitted in the LNB arm, once the satellite finds the signal it will automatically tune the LNB until the ultimate signal is achieved. This feature is particularly useful if you are looking to push the boundaries of the satellite range.

Fitting Service

Fitting for this product starts at £200 and will vary depending on vehicle type and travel. If you would like to enquire about having a product fitted by us please fill out an enquiry form below. Once we have received your details a member of staff will contact you to discuss a quote for fitting.



The oyster vision III is available with two dish sizes, 65 and 85 cm. The bigger the dish the greater range you will get from your satellite. An 85cm dish should get most main UK channels as far south as Northern Spain.

The red area is the expected reception range for Freeview channels.

The yellow area is the expected range of sky channels.

The expected reception range of individual channels may differ from the map, these changes are controlled by the broadcasting satellite operators and so Automate cannot be held responsible for actual or future reception ranges which may change without notice.

^ Reception range above is for an 85cm Oyster Vision satellite.

Single and twin LNB options are available, a single is mainly to run one receiver and one TV, whereas a twin will run either two independent satellite receivers and two TVs, or a satellite receiver with an option to record one channel and watch another.

Automate are UK authorized dealers for Oyster, that means that we don’t just fit your Oyster Satellite Systems, we’re in it for the long hall. We will fit it, swap it from one vehicle to another, and should you need it, we also offer a repair service as well.

All Oyster Satellite Systems come with a 3 year warranty as standard.

*Have one of our technicians come to a place of your convenience and install one of these oyster satellite systems.

Technical Specification

  • Available dish size Ø 65 / 85 cm
  • Height when parked ~ 22 cm
  • Weight of top unit ~ 11 kg / 12 kg
  • Weight of installation material and equipment~ 3 kg
  • Fully automatic satellite system
  • Supply Voltage 12 V / 24 V
  • Max. power consumption during satellite rotation ~ 7A
  • Power consumption during receiving ~ 15 mA
  • Power consumption standby (operation) ~ 15 mA


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